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Tour guide

Aoi from Manfuku club

Hi! I'm Aoi from  the Manfuku club.

I love Eating, Pokemon, Izakaya, Shotengai.

I used to work at a whiskey factory as a guide.

I'll show you interesting Japanese culture.

It is sometimes little strange!

---We are waiting for your message.

Let's make pretty memories in Japan together!

I'll guide you.

You only live once. I hope you can have great time in Japan.

Guide example


Kimono Manfuku club

Kimono is a traditional Japanese costume.

We will guide you to a kimono store with kimono professionals.

Her kimono career spans over 40 years.

And the kimonos in hers shop are made of 100% silk.

If you have this experience, you can feel a traditional spirit of Japan.

※Kimono rental fee is required.


 Shotengai Manfuku club

”Shotengai” is very famous japanese culture.
It means shopping arcade.

We have supported local people.

But with the proliferation of large shopping malls,

that power is being lost.

There's a Japan here that you won't find

in shopping malls or department stores.


Izakaya Manfuku club

The meaning of Izakaya is Japanese pub.

There are also types of Izakaya.

Yakitori, Kara-age, Sashimi, Kushi-katsu...

You have to choose an Izakaya depending on what you want to eat.

You may be able to talk to locals here.


Kissaten Manfuku club

Kissaten is traditional coffee shop in Japan.

People in Japan go to kissaten and have breakfast there  before go to work.

It has been established as a culture called "Morning".

If you go there early morning, you can do it.

And more!

Please tell us what you would like to try in Japan.

​​​If you want to know details more...

Contact us

Thank you for your message.

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