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The Rich Kimono Experience

Kimono is a traditional clothes in Japan.

If you go to famous tourist spot in Japan, you probably see Kimono shop.

But our Kimono experience is really different.

We can take you to the hidden special Kimono 

There is a real "Kimono".

In this place, you can have an experience of rich kimono.

You can choose from 4 courses.​


"The Kimono"

You can wear a rich kimono and walk around, take pictures by yourself.

"The Saho Of Japan"

"Saho" is a manners of Japan.

In this course, you can try it with meal.


"The Professional Kimono Photo  Experience"

Wear a kimono and take a photo.

We will send you a photo album  later.

"The Culture Of Nishijin"

You can try special kimono that before completion.

And if you want you can purchase kimono.



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