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Benriya-san (Handy man)

Basic price (without tax)



*Additional charges may apply depending on the requrement.

Let's solve your problems together.

Aoi from Manfuku club

Hi! I'm Aoi from  the Manfuku club.

How is your life in Japan?

I think Japan is generally a kind country, but it can sometimes be difficult to live in.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do.

A preliminary interview is possible!

Do you want me to come with you?
Resturant, hospital, shopping, stroll,
If you live in Japan and would like to do these things,
but when you are unsure.
Please call Manfuku club!
Isn't it difficult to make phone calls in Japanese?
Not many people in Japan are used to speak English.​
Telephone conversations can be especially difficult.
​If you need some help, please contact us.
Please let us know if you have any problems.
Anyway please let us know if you have any problems.
Daijoubu. You are not alone.
Handyman in Japan Manfuku club

​​​If you want to know details more...

Contact us

Thank you for your message.

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