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guide in Japan
Parallel Lines

Handyman in Osaka,Japan.
Benriyasan in Osaka,Japan.
Guide your Japan trip.

We can do...

Basic price(Without tax)



※Additional charges may apply depending on the requrement.

Are you in need of help in Japan?

A preliminary interview is possible!






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Do you want me to come with you?
If you live in Japan and would like to do these things,
but when you are unsure.
Please call Manfukuclub!
​Do you need a private tour guide?
The Manfukuclub is in Osaka.
Osaka is part of the Kansai region.
Kansai is famous for Kyoto and Kobe,
but there are many other attractive places as well.
We can guide you there.
Let's make  beautiful memories in Japan with us!
For example...
”Shotengai” is very famous japanese culture.
It means shopping arcade.
Let's experience the cityscape of Osaka
on a water bus.
Have you ever been to "Izakaya"?
It means Japanese pub.
Maybe you can communicateby talking with local people.
27224883_s (1).jpg
”Anime”,”Cawaii", ”Manga” also keywords
in Japanese culture.
We will show you interesting places.
Isn't it difficult to make phone calls in Japanese?
Not many people in Japan are used to speaking English.​
Telephone conversations can be especially difficult.
​If you need some help, please contact us.
Please let us know if you have any problems.
Anyway please let us know if you have any problems.
Daijoubu. You are not alone.
private tour in Japan

Hi! I'm Aoi from the Manfukuclub.

Our business team consists of 2 people.

I love Pokemon, Izakaya, Shotengai.

I'll show you interesting Japanese culture.

It is sometimes little strange!

---We are waiting for your message.

Let's make pretty memories in Japan together!

You only live once. Don't worry!

Basic price(Without tax)



※Additional charges may apply depending on the requrement.

help in Japan

Send us a message!

It's free estimate!

You can decide

Yes or No by the result.

We live in Osaka.

Let us know if you come to Japan.

And tell us what you would like to do.

We can help you.

Let's enjoy Kansai area that is not listed in the guidebook.

English language

We can speak English language.

But the level is not high.

However we believe that English

is the one way of communicate.

Anyway contact us :)

No problem if your requesting  and things that you want to try are very small.

You're not alone.

We want to say you

that "you're not alone.".

If you are living in Japan now,
probably you feel kinda feeling.

We can help you.

Don't worry.

We are looking forward to meet you!

We started to this small business in 2023 summer.

Your requests make us grow.

​Let’s make good memories in Japan together.

Conntact us

Feel free to contact us!! We're looking forward to meet you!!!

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Thank you for your message!

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